Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Geijutsu Shincho - Kano Kazunobu - This artist is truly impressive. His stuff blows me away!

Size: 8 ” x 11 ” - Pages: 168 - Published: 2011 - Price: $52 - Binding: Softcover

This issue of Geijutsu Shincho includes an amazing 70 page feature on Kano Kazunobu and anyone hunting Kano Hogai-esque imagery will definitely want to check it out. From the same art house as Kyosai and Hogai, Kazunobu's body of work is outstanding. He employs the same stunning color palate as Hogai but his illustrations are almost kaleidoscopic in detail. There is so much going on in each illustration, each becomes a story told from start to finish, amazing. Kazunobu's art heavily features Buddhist iconography but the support imagery is equally as compelling and his grasp and use of color is unparalleled. There are a few other articles in this issue of Geijutsu Shincho but they pale next to Kazunobu's article. Text is in Japanese. As there is so little available on this artists I highly suggest you add this one to your collections.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Horiyoshi III Daruma Charity Poster

All proceeds go to help the victims of the Tohaku earthquake.

Posters are limited to 500. This is the second in a series of five.

Appx. 20" x 24"

The Kanji on the top right means heart - kokoro. The bottom writing is a challenge to never give up. Defeat is not an option. If you do not accept defeat, you can overcome. The writing on the top right advises people stay the course with determination and encourages meditation. If you think long and hard enough the solution will become clear.... the words together are a powerful call to the country to stand strong in spirit and heart.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cute Little Wandering Tanuki - $65

Tanuki can be found all over Japan, beckoning customers into inns and pubs - they are notorious mischief makers and shape- shifters who enjoy a good laugh, generally at the expense of unsuspecting woodsmen and hunters. Tanuki are usually depicted with big round bellies, empty sake flasks and promissory notes they never intend to pay, straw hats that indicate that they are up for anything, rain or shine, and of course their eyecatchingly enormous testicles, that some say are to remind people to cut loose, and not be stingy, and others maintain they are merely a symbol of good fortune. Tanuki remind people to enjoy their lives, to let go and live a little. Definitely one of my favorite Japanese icons....

This little guys is...

28cm x 18cm x16cm

vintage - I believe from the Taisho Era

$65 plus shipping ( EMS with tracking and insurance - since I can't replace him)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Chinese Foo Dogs by Dong Dong Chou

Size: 11 " x 14 " - Pages: 126 - Published: 2010 - Price: $90 -Hardcover

This book is amazing and I highly recommend it! It's a beautiful cloth bound collection of foo dog reference by Mummy Tattoo's Dong Dong. Predominately full page, full color illustrations, with a few sketches and close ups of eyes and claws. Dong Dong's sketches are full of movement and expression - they are powerful and translate beautifully into tattoos. This is the best foo dog reference I have seen on the market - do yourself a favor!

Zenbu by Katsuya Terada

Size: 7.5” x 8” - Pages: 396 - Published: 2003 - Price: $65 - Binding: Softcover

This is a crazy, incredible book from the disturbingly animated mind of Katsuya Terada. Terada's incorporates Japanese Manga's wide eyed astonishment in his girls, but their innocence is tinged with pointed evil. His heroes are not dainty, they are reminiscent of Frank Miller's Sin City, but with definite Japanese flair. He delves into realms of Fantasy and Sci-Fi as well as robotics and android - bio creations. Rather tank girl-esque. The first 300 pages are full color, the book turns right to left, Japanese style, and he ends it with 100 pages of sketches. Very well done, very thought provoking (not to mention at least 1000 great tattoo ideas) If you are looking for some great new Japanese eye candy, pick this up.

Japanese Avant Garde Underground Theater Posters

Size: 11” x 21” - HUGE!! - Pages: 120 - Published: 2004 - Price: $78 - Binding: Softcover

This is an amazing collection of artwork. 100 theater posters from the Japanese underground theater, dating from 1965 - 1986 and bound in extra large format on thick, high quality paper. This is a well done compilation. Pictures are beautifully reproduced and the subject matter very compelling.Text and poster details in both English and Japanese. Includes contrubutions (in both languages) as follows: The Golden age of Theatre Posters - Senda Akihiko The Poster is a Play's Opening Move - Kara Juro We Couldn't Imagine Plays Without Posters - Kujo Kyoko Posters Speak for the Era - Sasame Hiroyuki Posters Soaked up the Atmosphere of That Wild Era - Kuwabara Shigeo These articles are followed by the 100 full page, color posters and they are indexed at the end.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HUGE Vintage Manekineko (Lucky Cat)

* 17" x 12" x 11" (43cm x 31cm x 28cm) This sucker's niiiiice and big!
* vintage but is great condition - his whiskers are all helter skelter and there is a small hairline crack on his back and his backsides a little worn but all in all he's in good shape. I took pics of all his little imperfections.
* $120 plus shipping (and it will take $70 to ship him from here EMS with tracking and insurance - since I can't replace him) These guys go for over $600 new and this one have amazing charisma which means he'll bring you a lifetime of happy happy!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Matsumoto Shinako's Illustrations

Size: 8 " x 10 " - Pages: 140 - Published 2009 - Price: $52 - Softcover

There is something incredibly sinister about Matsumoto Shinako's women. I can't pinpoint if it's a specific look, or the circumstances he puts them in, or how they often appear disheveled and sneaky but they are definitely not the prim and collected women one usually encounters in traditional Japanese imagery. They are so full of emotion and life. His facial expressions are simply amazing. This is a really good reference book for anyone wanting to breathe a little life into their Japanese ladies. Text is in Japanese.

Painting Japanese Monkeys - OOP

Size: 22.5cm x 30cm - Pages: 126 - Published: 2003 - Price: $70 - Softcover

This book is awesome!! Step by step visual instructions on painting various simians with special attention to heads, bodies and body positioning, facial expressions and features and hands and feet. . Amazing full color full illustrations in the back of uniquely Japanese renditions of monkeys including monkey samurai warriors, monkeys with Buddhist deities and the beloved Japanese Macaque monkeys.

This book is out of print and stock of mint copies is limited, I do have 2 copies in stock at present. but if this book is out of stock when you I will refund your payment and let you know as soon as more come in.

Size: 6" x 8" - Pages: 73 - Published:2006 - Price: $80 - Softcover

This is one of Trevor Brown's first books - now out of print. Cover to cover Brown girls tressed with clamps, braces, syringes, tubing, bones, splints, eyeballs, blood, bandages, amputations, slings, ball gags, nurses with whips, eye patches, stitches, white cotton panties, black eyes and bow ties. I still can't flick thru a Trevor Brown book without shruddering...but I guess that's the point.

I have a copy in stock now and if I don't have it in I will add you to our list and email you when I get another one in.