Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NEW PHOTO BOOK - Tattooing Uber Alles: Volume 1 - The Germans

Size: 21cm x 30cm - Pages: 256 - Published: 2012 - Price: $100 - Binding: Hardcover

This is a brand new survey book from Buddy Olli profiling many of Germany's top tattooers. Beautifully bound this book is printed in both German and English and includes a short interview of each artist, sketches, paintings and photos of his/her tattoo work. Awesome. Artists include Sandor Jordan, Jens Gossling, Chriss Dettmer, Imme Bohme, Andreas Coenen, Florian Ziebart, Soren Sangkuhl, Marc Alter, Dirk Reuter, Pino Cafaro, Sara Rosenbaum, Rode, Fred Altmann, Pete Gorlitz, Saxe, Roberto Seifert, Jurgen Eckel, Markus Lenhard, Simone Pfaff & Volko Merschky and Andi Knospe....lots of food for thought!