Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 Japanese Edo Era Tattooed Firemen Calendar - 4 available!! Awesome for shops....

So even though I'd sworn off calendars forever, I saw these and figured you guys would dig them as much as I did so I bought what they had in stock. This is a 2011 wall calendar featuring awesome images of tattooed edo era fireman pulled from traditional Japanese woodblock prints.It is appx. 13" x 30" and features 6 unique page for every 2 months...and the days are numbered in Japanese. Pretty cool!


Click here to order: 2011 Japanese Edo Era Tattooed Firemen Calendar

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nyonin Kurikara Hada - NEW Book from Living Legend Ozuma Kaname

Ozuma Kaname has done is again! This is an beautifully presented volume of illustrations of predominately portraits of women featuring the tattoo artwork of Horiyoshi III. It does include some shibari (robe bondage) images towards the end, but is predominated renditions of posing nude tattooed women, reminicent of his second book, Tattooing. The fabric bound book comes in a fabric folder, bound in a cardboard box and is stunning, start to finish. (My scans do not do it settings are really off. Sorry!!)

Size: 8" x 11.5" - Pages: 144 - Published: 2010 - Price: $215 - Hardcover in Cardboard Box

Click here to order: Nyonin Kurikara Hada - Ozuma Kaname

Art of Tattooists Exhibition Book - AMAZING Illustrations from Japan's Top Tattoooers...

At present this is a Gomineko exclusive! An amazing collection of artwork exhibited in the "Art of Tattooist" show in Yokohama, December 2010. This collection of artwork features some of Japan's best tattooers making this book a must have for every collector of Japanese tattoo imagery. Contributors include: Horitomo, Horiyuki, Horishachi, Akatsuki, Horikiku, Horisen, Sezuki, Hougen, FukushimaHorimasu, Yokohama Horiken, Shige, 14th Horitoku, Horimomo, Okamoto, Shigetoshi, Daisei, Tomo, Yuya, Horizaru, Reiko, Yokosuka Horitetsu, Horigyn, Horisei, Horifuji, Daichi, Yondaime Horikazu, Wakamoto, Aya, Carlos, Horifuki, Shibuya Horimasa, Yutaro, Horisho, Tsubama, Eight, Makoto, Nishiikebukuro Horitoshi, Kobayashi, Nami, Yu-ta, Ogi, Satoshi, Yashin, AIkeda, Horitaka, Horitsuki, So and Mutsuo. Stunning.

Size: 8.5 " x 11.5" - Pages: 80 - Published: 2010 - Price: $42 - Softcover

Click here to order: Art of Tattooist 2010 - Gallery Exhibition Catalog

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