Sunday, November 4, 2012

Edodako - Edo Era Japanese Kites Book - OOP

Size: 9" x 11.5" - Pages: 160 - Published: 1988 - Price: $280 - Hardcover w/case - Used in good condition

This book is really cool. It is a collection of Japanese Tako (Kite) Illustrations which mirror Japanese tattoo motif beautifully. Cover to cover full page, full color handpainted images boasting some amazing warriors, koi, tigers, cranes, Yokai and monsters, Daruma and other deities, Noh characters like's a really cool book. More imagery that text (what text there is, is in Japanese) this is a brilliant referece book for anyone wishing to veer a little to the left of the woodblock artists that pop up so frequently in wabori. This book offers a different perspective on classic motifs. It is quite rare and if I do not have one in stock I will notify you via email and add your name to the wait list...

Geijutsu Shincho August 2012 - Amazing Ghost Issue!! OOP

Size: 8" x 11" - Pages: 168 - Published: 2012 - Price: $80 - Softcover

This issue of Geijutsu Shincho RULES!! Such a great magazine. This one covers a recent exhibition on antique Japanese Ghost painting as well as an article on Okiku, one of my favorite ghost stories. So so so many great ghost, yurei and obake in here, including some I've never seen before. This issue sold out almost immediately and it is worth every penny!

Japanese Ghosts in Horror Films - OOP

Size: 29cm x 22cm - Pages: 144 - Published 2000 - Price: $70 - Binding: Softcover - used

This book is cover to cover photos stills from famous Japanese ghost stories. From Oiwa to The Peony Lantern this book boasts heaps of good reference. All black and white pics, but amazing costumes, facial expressions, hair and make up. The antagonists in this volume are perfect if you are wanting to stray from the well used Kyosai and Yoshitoshi imagery, and come up with some of your own. This book is out of print and I have 2 copies in stock at the moment, but am on the hunt for more. If it is not available when you order it I will let you know via email and your name will be added to the wait list. xo Gomineko

New Book of Suehiro Maruo Prints - Ready to Frame. Limited

Size: 21cm x 30cm - Pages: 28 Published 2012 - Price: $95 - Binding: Pages are sturdy cardstock

Just out! This is a bound collection of Maruo illustrations ready for framing. 28 full color, full page pieces printed on high grade cardstock. Features some of his more grim and macabre illustrations. As he does relatively few prints and his originals cost a mint, if you can find them, this is a great way to have official Maruo imagery up on your walls! This is a limited run printing so snatch it up quick.