Monday, April 29, 2013

Gomineko Crew Sketchbook Vol. 1

Gomineko Crew Sketchbook Vol. 1 
featuring the artwork of:
Jay Cavna 
Clint Steele
Adam Hayes
Owen Williams
Ali Manners
William Thidemann
San Rulz
Dan Sinnes
Guen Douglas
Matt Dunn
Steven Burlton

8.5" x 11" and over 100 pages of sketches & line drawings for $80




Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dude's Shirts $ stock so snatch em up quick! The have the Gomineko Crew Logo on the back, under the neck!

Horimasa Fudo Meow T-Shirt

Horishin Fujin T-Shirt

Horiken Raijin T-Shirt

Girlie T-shirts now in! $25 Thanks for Supporting Gomineko Crew!

Horimasa Girlie T-Shirt

Horishin Girlie T-Shirt

Horiken Girlie T-Shirt

Gomineko Crew Hoodies are in! Limited stock so grab one quick!

Horimasa Fudo Meow Hoodie $50

Horimasa Fudo Meow Hoodie

Horiken Raijin Hoodie

Horiken Hoodie

Horishin Fujin Hoodie

Horishin Fujin Hoodie

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fantastic World of Japanese Ghost Paintings

Size: 6" x 8" - Pages: 157 - Published: 2013 - Price: $52 - Binding: Softcover

This book is a must have! Sooooo many great yurei! Awesome collection of imagery, brilliant reference material. Very little text, mostly full page illustrations. Some with the original on one side and close ups of the face on the opposite page so you can really see the details. Finished with some great skeleton paintings. Do yourself a favor.... 

Beautiful Birds

Size: 6 " x 6" - Pages: 192 - Published: 2012 - Price: $48 - Softcover

This is a great little book of bird photos, heaps of possibilities. All full color full page pictures of a large assortment of birds. Book is small, perfect for carrying to conventions, and packed cover to cover with images, no text.

Japanese Animal Illustrations

Size: 7” x 10” - Pages: 122 - Published: 2001 - Price: $55 - Binding: Hardcover

This book has some awesome animal images! The first half is birds, underwater creatures, insects and flowers done in full color followed by more text than images and those that are there and black and white. The text can be a little daunting in this one, but the full color images are pretty rad and definitely carry the book. A good one for anyone looking for detailed underwater creatures. 

Hokusai Museum Catalog vol. 1 - Birds and Animals

Size: 9” x 12” - Pages: 164 Published: 1990 - Price: $80 - Binding: Hardcover

This book is awesome! Tons of full page, full color renditions of hawks, phoenix, fish, tigers, shi shi, snakes, roosters fox...and heaps of Hokusai sketches towards the end. If you have his sketchbooks there isn't anything new in here per se, but seeing them in full color and large as life really adds a new dimention to his work. This book is a keeper.