Saturday, April 23, 2011

Horimono in Japan - Rare Japanese Tattoo Book circa 1973

This book is cool.

Size: 18.5 ” x 23 ” - Pages: 144 - Published: 1973 - Price: $180 - Softcover

This is an old and super rare book on Japanese tattoos.It's amazing. I have one in my personal collection I found years ago and just picked up this duplicate copy over the weekend. It includes both color and monochrome ukiyo-e with tattoo imagery, some wonderfully dated Japanese people showing off their tattoowork, examples of tattoos in the old samurai movies, photos of tebori being performed, photos of festivals like the sanja matsuri where tattooed men in fundoshi gather to celebrate. There is a photo of a removed tattooed skin as well as photos of Western style tattoos of the time period. This book is a piece of history.

This book is out of print and really hard to find. I do have 1 in stock but if you want it get it now because I cannot guarantee running across another copy.


Size: 8.5” x 11” - Pages: 176 - Published: 2011 - Price: $52 - Binding: Softcover

This just came out and it is fantastic. Nagasawa Rosetsu was an 18th century (mid-Edo period) painter and his imagery is very compelling. He did some amazing dragons and a peacock that is just gorgeous! His animals are brought to life with subtle yet powerful colors, his sumi illustrations have energy and movement - I am very impressed with his work and am already hunting some alternate publications on his illustrations so stay tuned....


Thursday, April 7, 2011

OOP Kano Hogai Collection

Size: 10" x 12.5" - Pages: 104 - Published: 1979 - Price: $125 - Softcover

This is a must have reference book. Kano Hogai was a 19thC Japanese painter most famous for his dragons, falcon and Kannon images. He painted on silk scrolls, his style amazingly detailed, and his use of color more bold than his forefathers the ukiyo-e masters. This book boasts nice big full page images along with a couple of fold-outs - excellect for examining the intricate details in the illustrations. I have a copy now and if I don't have it in stock I will add you to our list and email you when I get another one in.